Our 2023 Review of Elephant Auto Insurance

Jan 31, 2023 By Triston Martin

Although Elephant isn't the least expensive option, it is far less than several prominent national insurers. According to our research, Elephant's auto insurance quotes are 14% cheaper than the national average. Aside from the usual suspects like liability, collision, and comprehensive, the organization provides myriad unique options for its clientele.

Owners of household pets, for example, would welcome the fact that collision insurance policies routinely offer protection for animal injuries. Advantages such as accident forgiveness and decreasing deductibles can help safe drivers keep their cheap premiums.

Accident Forgiveness from Elephant Insurance

When accidents happen, Elephant doesn't hold it against you. All policyholder motorists must have a clean driving record stretching back at least three years. There is a three-year waiting period after an accident in which you were at fault before you may have the accident waived and have your premiums unaffected.

With Elephant, you won't have to wait three years for accident forgiveness; instead, it will take effect immediately after an update. In the last three years, none of the policyholder's drivers should have been found at fault in an accident.

Do You Get a Brand New Car If You Have Elephant Insurance?

The short answer is no; Elephant does not provide brand-new vehicle replacement coverage. If your automobile is written off due to an issue covered by your policy, this insurance will often pay for a brand-new car of the same make and model.

Elephant: Do You Provide Gap Insurance?

Elephant offers loan/lease coverage, which is much like gap insurance. When your automobile is written off due to an insured event, gap insurance will fill the "gap" between what you owe on your loan or lease and the car's diminished value.

If you are "upside down" on your auto loan, Elephant's loan/lease coverage will reimburse you for up to 25% of the vehicle's reduced value. If you owe $20,000 on a totaled automobile, but it's worth $17,000 after depreciation, the difference is $3,000.

Elephant's loan/lease protection provides up to $17,000 in coverage at a 25% loss rate. In this case, your remaining loan debt would be fully covered by your loan or lease coverage.

Elephant Insurance: Decreasing Deductible?

The Elephant does provide a decreasing deductible as an insurance rider. If you have collision insurance with a $500 deductible or more, your deductible will decrease by $100 per year or $50 every six months if you don't have any claims.

Does SR-22 Coverage Exist Through Elephant Insurance?

Elephant provides SR-22 insurance in Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Courts often compel drivers to provide compliance with these regulations by having their vehicle insurers submit proof of financial responsibility forms to the state. Drivers with a DUI conviction or a history of traffic violations may be required to register an SR-22 with the state.

What Kind of Usage-Based Insurance Does Elephant Provide?

Currently, Elephant does not provide a usage-based insurance option. Driving habits, including speeding, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and talking on the phone, are monitored by telematics in UBI programs. Safe drivers are usually rewarded with lower insurance rates. According to the Elephant website, the firm plans to introduce its telemetry app.

When Taking A Ride With An Elephant, Can You Get Insurance?

You may get ridesharing insurance from Elephant as an extra to your car insurance. There may be a gap in coverage between your private motor insurance and the ridesharing company's insurance if you're a driver for Lyft or Uber.

While your ridesharing app is active and you're waiting for ride requests, you're protected by Elephant's insurance. While ridesharing companies typically cover you when you accept a ride request, pick up a passenger, and drop them off, this policy does not apply in such situations.

Repair Experts' Opinion on the Elephant's Worthiness

Elephant Insurance was given a C in a poll taken by the CRASH Network of people who work in the auto body restoration industry. Experts in the collision repair field are well-positioned to provide insight into the quality of service offered by different insurers during the claims process.

Experts in the auto body industry know firsthand whether or not insurers push their customers to utilize OEM replacement parts, whether or not they support the repair techniques advised by car manufacturers, and whether or not the claims process is swift and easy for consumers to navigate.

Can I Get Unique or Extensive Protection From Elephants?

Standard insurance policies offered by Elephant contain both liability protection and comprehensive collision coverage. This insurer provides a variety of optional coverages, including roadside assistance, rental car, and trip reimbursement.

The insurance does not offer the most typical optional coverage additions, including accident forgiveness, new-for-old vehicle replacement, and deductible modification. Elephant also offers specialized policies that you won't find with other insurers, such as coverage for your pet and special-order car components.

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